Working small

I’ve been working quite small recently, starting with a clear out of my studio, where I discovered a sample piece that had not made the grade for my Horizons quilt. We had to do an 8″ sample to go along with the quilt so I tried out the potential quilting on this one and decided against it. However, attached to a box canvas it makes a pretty little landscape.


I also decided to continue the Rose theme for a small SAQA piece to send for their Anniversary Spotlight at the annual conference. The first one didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I wasn’t too happy with the solid red shape and even the addition of a thorned stem didn’t seem to help. Sort of made me think of a hippy Dalek!


Back to the drawing board and, because I couldn’t decide which background I wanted to use, I made two. Both have cotton squares fused onto a silk noil background. All I have to do now is to decide which one I am going to send. If you have any preference please let me know as that might help me to decide. The finished size is 6″ x 8″ but they are going to be matted so only the 4.5″ x 6.5″, shown here, will be seen



And finally today, because it’s Tuesday, I’m linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. The theme this week is Free and Easy. Textured with KK_partings


I’m enjoying the start to Lisa Call’s class and am currently making a list of possible themes on which to base my series.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are enjoying your week.



  1. Love your dandelion seed head photo….and you sent the right piece to SAQA! They are both lovely, but I think the one you sent has a real depth to it!


  2. Maggi – did you notice that your last piece is an abstraction of the image below it with the dandelion? Was that planned?

  3. The little landscape is beautiful and I too prefer the first magenta on black piece.

  4. Really enjoy your work I love the contrast with the magenta and black, thanks for visiting my blog…

  5. love the landscape piece. the writing in it looks very interesting. The black and white with the magenta squares look great.

  6. I prefer your first piece: the magenta squares on the black and white background. It’s beautiful! And your reworked landscape is lovely with the quilting, especially the writing.

  7. I absolutely love the landscape with the stitched text. I love pieces which combine words and textiles together. I actually like Rosie the Dalek too!! My preference between the two other piece is for the first one – I think the graphic shapes and black and white of the background complement the strong red of the squares beautifully.

  8. Your reworked landscape is lovely with the stitched text!
    I can see why it is hard to decide which piece to send…they all have their charms!
    Your dandelion puff photo is very nice too!

  9. I love the Dalek and I think I prefer your second piece.

  10. brilliant

  11. Maggie I like both of them but lean more to the first b lack and white one.

  12. Hi Maggi, thank you so much for stopping by my blog–I LOVE your textiles, especially the next to last one–just beautiful–and your image reminded me of my childhood–wonder how many of those we “blew away.” So nice to meet you!

  13. Maggi, my choice is the black and white one with the magenta squares, although they’re all lovely of course.

  14. carlseapatch says:

    I quite like the dalek!
    I like the one on black too. The green one is very ‘regular’. I would break down the background a little with stitch.

  15. I like the hippy dalek. Since you’ve already decided against it, you probably don’t want to hear that and since I don’t quilt and just wandered in from Kim’s Texture Tuesday not sure how much my opinion is worth but, just thought I’d let you know I find the original piece has character and charm.

  16. Robin McWhinney says:

    I immediately thought of daleks when I saw your photo – love it. The landscape looks pleasant, and I like your second piece best – so simple but very effective. I like the other one too, but the background is a bit busy I think. I couldn’t do any of them, so who am I to say – but you did ask! Cheers

  17. Hi Maggi, I too love to work small. I think the abstract rose piece works. I choose the first piece for SAQA, love the implied texture and Magenta squares. Glad you are back to blogging. Now how can you motivate me to start blogging again, Facebook is just too easy! hugs Donna PS Making plans to see your quilt at the Ailsa Craig show!

  18. I love your dandelion photo for texture Tuesday.

  19. Forgot to say… the photo!

  20. Love the detail in your art work Maggi , is that machine stitching on the first piece?
    Beautiful photograph and processing 🙂

  21. Well my favourite is the hippy dalek…its gorgeous!
    BTW Alisa says display your photos large….have you got to that bit yet? 😉

  22. Lovely work Maggi, I think I prefer the first one with the interesting scribbly black lines for the background, but the second one is also good, and I like the way you have placed the squares on their corners, very hard to decide really, but my vote is for the first. I also really like your hippie dalek, although to me, it reminds me more of a pyramid. The contrast between the solid pink shape, and the thorny stems and spirals makes for a contrast that really works well.

  23. Penny Leonard says:

    Maggi I think the little piece with the magenta squares on the black and white background works really well. I love your little landscape

  24. I especially love the magenta squares on the black and white background. Also, your landscape quilt at top is wonderful. Does it say anything in particular? Hard to tell…

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