Working in a Series

Having completed four weeks of the ten weeks in Lisa Call’s Working in a Series class, I think it is probably time to show that I have actually been doing something. I decided to use some of the images that I took down at Belper Mill as my inspiration and whilst I haven’t actually got anything that constitutes an actual series at the moment there is at least a common element.

My first piece was made by printing various images that I had layered and altered in Photoshop and then piecing them together. I used silk noil and silk/cotton mix fabric.


27″ x 20″

The  following week we had to consider colour. I decided to use a monochromatic colour scheme which ranged from deep burgundy to a very light pink, all done by varying the saturation in Photoshop. The various images were then printed onto silk/cotton mix fabric and collaged together. I used these colours as I don’t normally work with pinks (the colours are for you Shirley!) but was actually quite pleased with it in the end. The cogwheel motif is the only thing linking the pieces together at the moment.


12″ x 12″

This week we had to consider space and scale. I have been working entirely with printed images up until now but decided to bring some of my dyed fabric into the mix. The background is pole dyed silk noil, the windows are printed onto silk organza and the cogwheels are made from a piece of silk/cotton which I had printed with a rust image. It took me  along time to get going with this one and, as it is only 8″ x 8″, it will double up as this month’s journal quilt for the Contemporary Group’s challenge.


This coming week we are doing shape and texture design exercises and, as the assignment is due to be up on the website at midnight next Saturday, I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep this week. I have a two day class with Catherine Nicholls at the Bramble Patch on Wednesday and Thursday (there are still a couple of places left), a tour of the PDSA hospital on Derby on Tuesday afternoon and my cat cuddling at The Ark starts on Monday morning. To add insult to injury, the clocks go forward an hour in the UK tonight so that’s one hour less available to me!

One thing I should mention is the current exhibition at the Beetroot Tree which is on until April 12th if you are local and fancy a trip down there. It is called Of Heat and Chaos, featuring felt landscapes from Diana Worthy, interactive sculptures from Jack Sawbridge and ceramics from Ben Brierley. Quite a small exhibition but very interesting.

Whatever your schedule is for the week ahead, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Its me…..better late than never! 😉
    Just had to say I am in awe of your quilts…….they are fabulous! I especially like the top one; inspirational! Hope I get to see it in real life soon….. xx

  2. You are one busy lady :-). I really love the way these pieces are going. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. These are awesome pieces. I have what is probably a stupid question. How do you print such a large piece of fabric? Do you use something like spoonflower?

  4. Looks like your course is going really well. I like the first piece too but all three show a progression. You’ve got a wildly busy week, I hope you’ve got plenty of energy 😉 Cat cuddling sounds wonderful!

  5. I LOVE pink but I like the collage effect of the first piece best. It’s good to keep busy isn’t it!

  6. PennyLeonard says:

    Lovely work Maggi. I’m impressed that you’re doing this course. It was a bit too expensive for me, but also required such a huge commitment that I decided against it. Can’t wait to see the next one! xxx

  7. Your photos certainly make fabulous textured and interesting fabric…
    I am especially drawn to the blues and the cog pattern!
    What I would give to be able to return again to the Beetroot Tree and see the latest exhibit 🙂 …
    that was one of the first places Linda took us when we visited and we enjoyed it very much!
    Fun seeing your work dear Maggi!

  8. love every one of them but my favorite piece is the last. I love the color in the last piece.

  9. As always it is fun to see what you are up to. Love how you are utilizing the photos you took awhile back. I’m not a big fan of pink either but as you have discovered, sometimes it is the perfect color and really adds a pop. Hope you have a fun week. Petting the kitties will make Jack jealous but at least you won’t come home with dog hair all over you, that might really make him diss you. Or should I say hiss you?

  10. Robin McWhinney says:

    Love all the work you are doing, but especially the third piece. It really appeals to me. You are so clever. Cheers

  11. It’s not the pink piece Maggi it is the one at the bottom with the gears on it, at first glance I thought it was a tree – you know me and trees!!! – but regardless I really like that piece. the colours the gears and well the size too. Ooer does this mean I am leaning a tad towards arty stuff!!

  12. Great work, Maggi!

  13. ha ha you know me Maggi, I have been looking at your last pieces of work and wondering to myself where is she going with these..having said that, I really like the last piece above the 8 x 8 piece, I don’t know why exactly but it just shouted at me and I took notice. I don’t understand everything you do – all this technical stuff beyond my poor brain – but I do admire you for giving it all a go and coming up with so much stuff each week. Go Maggi….

  14. Wow, you have certainly been busy and my eye was automatically drawn to the pink version and then I saw my name pop out. Like photo number three very much. Good luck with your busy week.

  15. Really like how these are going. The top one is very intriguing and drew me in from your tweet

  16. I especially like the third piece with the luscious pole dyed fabric in the background and those rusty cogs. Thank goodness you mentioned the clocks going forward – I”d completely forgotten!

  17. Lots of lovely images in your first photo, so lots to work with there, and I really like what you’ve done with the next two, especially the third one. There is something about water wheels that attract my eye too. It makes a great JQ.

  18. You’ve got the beginnings of a great series there. I’m particularly drawn to the third one, but am liking them all. Your workshop with Catherine looks like a good one – looking forward to seeing your results.

  19. Love the way these pieces are going, Maggi

  20. You’ve got a busy week ahead! I really love the third piece, beautiful colours, look forward to the next instalment

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