It’s Tuesday and it’s warm and I’ve been working in a series or two

I noticed when I logged on just now that it’s been over a month since I last blogged. I’m surprised any of you still follow me! Anyway, here I am now, so what have I been up to?

I decided to take the plunge and enter the Quilt Art Masters juried competition at Festival of Quilts. As I expected, I didn’t get in but at least it will get an airing in the open competition, in the Art Quilts category. It is the piece that I was having problems with as my machine kept skipping stitches but eventually I returned to it and got it done. I had intended to face the quilt but the additional layer for turning was just too much so I added a binding instead. I don’t feel too badly about that as the climbing rose in the garden is constrained anyway.


I was very pleased with myself for getting on track with deadlines this year and finished my entry for the SAQA Wide Horizons exhibition, another juried show with a whole day to spare. To say that I wasn’t a happy bunny, when I came to do the entry form and discovered that it was the wrong size, is an understatement. I had mis-read the instructions as one side having to be at least 70cm and unfortunately, although it was 91cm wide, it was only 53 cm high. It was a piece of fabric that I had dyed using soy wax resist and to which I added gold leaf. It’s a good job that there is room on my wall for this one.


On a happier note, I did get my piece done for the SAQA Benefit Auction in time and it arrived safely. It’s 12″ x 12″ and is another of my Wheels and Windows series. If you’re interested, you can see all the donations here


I’m also up to date with my Contemporary Group journal quilts. May and June finished. May is based on the rose series but I disintegrated the rose spiral and fused it to a piece of fabric that I had dyed in a flag fold pattern.


For June I found another piece of silk noil that I had dyed, added some silk organza strips and some cotton scrim circles. I wanted to try out the scrim and the organza as layers and so this was the ideal opportunity. I do like the colours in this one.


The other thing that I finished was Lisa Call’s Working in a Series class. Lisa is an excellent teacher and I really do recommend her classes. I managed to finish all the assignments and produce more work that I had anticipated being able to. This is a photo of all the pieces together.


I really missed the class when it had finished but Lisa has put together a class for people who have taken the Working a Series class. It’s more like a mentoring programme and has only just started. The good thing is that you only need to commit to producing a piece once a month – very doable. I decided to return to the idea of using the photos that I took of Belper Mill and layer some of them. I hadn’t been happy about the more representational collage that I did for the first assignment for the class but couldn’t work out how I was going to make it more abstract. I was going through some old photos that I had been playing around with in Photoshop some years ago and had a light bulb moment. By adding various filters I was then able to select a small, interesting section and enlarge it to produce a more abstracted image. I’ve printed off two which I am currently working on as I wanted to test the difference between working on cotton and silk/cotton mix. Neither piece is finished yet but I have started to quilt them and, as they are not due until the end of June, they will definitely meet the deadline.  These are just small sections of the larger pieces.



silk/cotton mix

silk/cotton mix


Completely away from anything creative, Casper will have been here for a month on Friday and has settled down really well. So much so, in fact, that he and Jack sat at the top of the stairs on Monday morning wondering why I needed to go to my cat socialising at The Ark when I could stay here and socialise with them. Sorry about Jack looking a bit like a cardboard cut-out but his arthritic hip means that he rarely sits normally.


Enough for now, it’s so lovely outside I’m going to sit and enjoy the garden

Have a good week



  1. Janice Stevens says:

    I’m always impressed by your use of colour. I think your new abstracts are fabulous. I look forward to seeing more as the greenhouse progresses.

  2. Hello my clever friend 🙂 I guess I’m the lucky one in this list because I get to see all your work in real life. And gorgeous it is too.
    And just to make everyone really jealous……I got to stroke Casper too…yay!! 😀

  3. Maggi, your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for stopping by. It is so nice to have friends through the years who you feel like you get to know through writing. You are one of mine. That becomes even more important to me as I get older. Again thank you. Cameron

  4. Lovely things to show us Maggi. You must read the instructions better next time! lol And the cats look fab up there, a black and white series coming on perhaps?

  5. It is definitely nice to see back blogging Maggi and with such a fine array of work to share too!
    You’ve been busy…

  6. You have some lovely work here Maggi, and congratulations on all your entries being ready in time.I particularly like your last two abstract images, and will be very keen to see how these turn out. Your cats look adorable.

  7. Kimberly Jones says:

    I’m loving your work Maggi. I love the pic of the cats too. They look like the cover to Ebony and Ivory. Except they really are black and white, whereas Michael J was more..grey.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to retiring in four and a half years and having time to do more of what I love.

  8. Frances says:

    No wonder you haven’t been posting….you have been busy creating some GORGEOUS pieces. I cant even pick my favorite out of this bunch!! Congrats on all of the wonderful work!!

  9. Fun to see all you have been up to. You really give all aspects a work out from your brain, your camera and printer to your sewing machine. Plus deadlines! I feel terribly lazy and slap dash with my work now. But we all have our own style and yours is lovely. And your cats! What a great pair they are, you did well on choosing Casper. Glad he is working into your household so nicely.

  10. I love all this abstract work you’re doing!

  11. Your post contributed a ray of sunshine to a cold, foggy morning. Your work is always fascinating and inspiring. Thank you, Maggi

  12. Love the abstracts Maggi, I might have to do something like this when I get some time.

  13. Irene Burkitt says:

    I like the fragmented rose very much – it looks like it’s sitting on posh bubble wrap. In fact I like it all.

  14. Thanks for your comment. You sound to be busy,the misreading of the measurements sounds like something I might do,awful after all that work – but I hope you managed to have a laugh at yourself once you recovered. Good luck with the rest of your projects.

  15. as always I am stunned by your artistic interpretation of a topic .. shame the one was the wromg size .. it is lovely anyway x Lovely to see your friends waiting for you to come home xx

  16. It’s hard to keep up with blogging when you’re so busy so don’t worry about it at all. I do like the directions your work is taking Maggi and I particularly like the silk noil piece. Love the abstract printed pieces too. Jack and Casper look very content together.

  17. Some interesting pieces there Maggi, you sound as if you’re enjoying yourself with the different classes. I like your scrim and organza piece

  18. I love that rose too!! And also all the other works. You did a great job.

  19. It’s all gorgeous! The flag fold dyed fabric is so interesting and looks almost 3D, giving such amazing contrast to the deconstructed rose. And I really love the working in a series photos altogether. Those are just stunning. They would make the most amazing prints.

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