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I’m linking up to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday today after I managed to get a photo of the Euphorbia in my garden. It is a bit of a thug in the garden and would happily spread itself willy-nilly but, it has such a beautiful lime green colour,  I can’t bring myself to get rid of it completely, so it’s always there. Textured with kk_lisa


As well as working on my class with Lisa, I took time out  a couple of Saturdays ago to attend a log cabin class with Chris and Barbara. I’ve thrown out most of my commercial fabrics but couldn’t bear to part with my Oakshott ones and so I decided to go armed with just those. It’s good to meet up with old friends, and to re-visit basics with a slight twist.  I ended up with two cushion covers, the smaller one is from their silk range which frays terribly but is just so beautiful – the cat hasn’t been allowed on that one yet!


You may remember my amaryllis which eventually bloomed in February with four enormous flowers. It threw up another flower stalk which burst open about a week after the other one had finished. I was amazed by the fact that there were actually five enormous flowers that opened up.


I was even more surprised by the fact that there was also a sixth bud forming. And since I took this next photo it has opened up to be the same size as the others. Not bad for a £3.99 purchase from Morrisons as it has been blooming now for just over two months.


Regular readers of this blog may remember that earlier in the year I sent off two small pieces to SAQA, one for the Spotlight Auction and one for the Anniversary Trunk Show. Martha Sielman, the Executive Director, sends out a regular e-blast to all members and I was so delighted that my small offerings were featured in two of them. Fame at last, or should that be notoriety!



My next challenge is to get a 12″ x 12″ piece done for the benefit auction. I missed the early bird deadline which was today but should still have time to get it done before the final deadline.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my Working in a Series pieces in the last post. It isn’t easy working alone and so feedback is always very welcome and I am quite happy to receive any kind – good or bad.

I hope that the beautifully warm spring weather that we are having here is visiting everyone else in the northern hemisphere.

Have a good week and thanks for dropping by.



  1. Trying again to leave a message, Maggi. I hope this attempt works. All your work is beautiful, as usual, and congratulations at being mentioned in the e-blast.

  2. Better late than never commenting here! Lovely cushions & what strength must have been needed to throw out fabric! Enough can be enough, tho. I’ve got a similar thug & do still speak to the neighbour who gave it to me – I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy! There are euphorbias that don’t smother everything in it’s path, tho – yes fabulous color & wonderful smell too.

  3. Thank you! Maggi
    Ciao Daniela

  4. Love your textured digi piece Maggi…….wouldn’t mind some euphorbia thuggery in my garden 😉
    As for that amaryllis……now that’s what I call good value! I must remember to buy a bulb for next year.
    Congrats for being front page news in the SAQA show…..well deserved. XX

  5. Congrats on being published again Maggi = exciting!
    Brilliant use of the log cabin pattern and the silk must be luscious to the touch as well.
    What a hardy plant you picked out of the bunch it certainly is delivering beautiful blooms…
    today is a lovely day here in Virginia…had to put down my rake and take a break 😉

  6. Suztats says:

    Your amaryllis is gorgeous! and congratulations.

  7. Congratulations and that was a great buy from Morrisons…

  8. jan2bratt says:

    I haven’t heard anyone say willy nilly in a long time! Love that euphorbia, I wouldn’t mind it growing willy nilly in my garden. Your cushions are great! So Jack isn’t the boss? Do you have a leather couch? nice. My Amaryllis is in full magnificent bloom right now too with only 4 huge pure deep red flowers and a second bud stalk coming up. aren’t the fabulous plants!? Definitely a good investment. And congratulations on being in the front on the trunk show exhibit! I recognized your work right off! Nice to be in such good company.

  9. All beautiful stuff, Maggi! And congrats on having your work in a SAQA publication!

  10. Quite a nice feather in your cap to be featured there. Good for you – fame, definitely!
    The amaryllis are fabulous. I am waiting for one of mine to send up a stalk, but I left it on the protected porch all winter and I don’t think I remembered to feed it often enough. Jealous of those beauties of yours.

  11. The cushions are beautiful. Silk has such a wonderful texture and appearance but can be so delicate. Hope the cat leave them alone. Well done on getting mentioned in dispatches too

  12. Irene Burkitt says:

    I love your cushion covers and congratulations on your fame at ;last! I hadn’t heard of Oakshot fabrics but I’ve had a look and saved it to my favourites. Thanks for the tip about Ruth Lee’s Knitting book. I’ve got it from the library and it’s everything you promised. Thanks.

I love hearing from you and, as you have made the effort to comment upon my ramblings, I will always reply to you.


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