So much for good intentions.

I had every intention of blogging on a more regular basis but I’m not sure what happened. It could be that more time has been spent in the garden, or perhaps that too much time has been spent manipulating photos and working on printing out my digital images. Whatever the reason, after last night’s thunderstorms, it’s feeling much fresher today so I thought I would spend some time trying to get up to date.

The pieces that I showed a snippet of last time are now finished. This one was made from combining two photos, one of the windows of Belper Mill and one of the cogwheel. I selected a small area to enlarge and then printed it. It’s 29″ x 14.5″ and I’ve entered it into the Harrogate Quilt Show which is at the end of August.


This second one was done in the same way but without the windows photo and, having quilted it I mounted it onto a 12″ x 12″ box canvas. I am not happy with the way that the joins show but that’s something I have been working on for future pieces. I’ve deliberately left the photo at an angle.


One thing that I am happy with is that, not only am I up to date with my 8″ x 8″ journal quilts for the Contemporary Group but,  I am actually ahead of myself so perhaps that’s one area where my good intentions have prevailed. I have completed both July and August. July was done with the same technique as the above pieces, with an even more macro shot of the cogwheel. August was again done using photo manipulation but I have been having a lot of fun playing around with filters.






I think that might be enough for now as I want to get into the studio and do some quilting on pieces which are waiting patiently. I hope that you have a good week ahead of you and thank you for if you are still actually following my intermittent postings.



  1. Great pieces Maggi. Don’t worry too much about blogging frequently, keep smelling the roses.

  2. Good to read your blog again Maggi! My excuse for not blogging is that I have to use my old laptop which hardly gets used anymore. Love your art pieces!

  3. Wonderful work, love how you are combining techniques and technology to achieve unique patterns. And doesn’t it feel great to be ahead of a deadline…nice to be able to enjoy your outdoor garden time freely!

  4. ooooooooh… those are gorgeous!
    : )
    Monika in Canada

  5. Lovely pieces, imagine being ahead of yourself! So many wonderful things to do.

  6. they all look fabulous Maggi!

  7. Penny Leonard says:

    These quilts are lovely Maggi. I wish I could do the Harrogate show so I could see it in the flesh so to speak, but wish you luck anyway. ive been letting my journal quilts get behind, so must get on with them!

  8. Thank you for your comment. Good luck at the Harrogate shoe.

  9. Oh dear I had a nice comment almost completed and then I wanted to take a closer look at your first piece which then led me to clicking on your other creations and I found out the comment didn’t stick.
    Lovely seeing each colorful and beautiful piece close up Maggi.
    That cogwheel photo lends itself beautifully in all the different ways you’ve used it.
    This time of year certainly can pull us in lots of directions…wonderful isn’t it!
    BTW, your posts are worth waiting for!

  10. Maggi, I think of the series group often. Yet, I find myself immersed in my own world…..without venturing out much. Your piece August is fabulous! Thanks too for checking in to my blog. I am not tech savvy so don’t know if you receive my responses. I hope you are well……bless robin

  11. My intentions have drifted too. What’s a blog again……? lol I love your new work, it is very striking. I’m hoping to get to Harrogate for the Great Northern so should see your work there 🙂

  12. Maggi, I’m so impressed by the work you’re doing. All the effort you’ve put into exploring the cog wheels, the mill and the windows is paying big dividends. Your idea of magnifying the micro and making it macro is super!

  13. I’m still here. I love what you do.I really admire you as I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m ok on techniques but it’s that initial spark that I lack. xxx

  14. You’ve been busy, glad you’re enjoying combining your two loves. It would be really fantastic to see these up close and personal. Have another fun filled week

  15. worth waiting for! Don’t get hung up on so-called good intentions.

  16. Hey Maggi. I love the 12×12 piece and the August journal quilt. They both have so much depth. I feel like I could look at them forever and keep seeing new things in them!!

  17. Beautiful pieces, Maggi. I understand about good intentions. My goal is to blog once a week but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes I’m too busy to get into my craft room and recently I had several projects on the go and it took a while to finish any of them.

  18. These pieces are just amazing Maggi, I absolutely love the colours too! I really love abstract images, and find them hard to achieve, but you have certainly had 100% success with these.

  19. Wow, they really are stunning and seeing what has come from the starting points is fascinating as always. We had thunderstorms last night too – wish it was cooler here though!

  20. if you hadn’t sais .. wouldn’t have noticed the join!! lol x

  21. Irene Burkitt says:

    Your pieces are all lovely Maggie but July really does it for me. Best of luck with the show.

  22. Maggi they are equally gorgeous. Good luck with your entry in the show.


  23. You know what I would love: a session or two with you and your computer and printer! Your pieces are simply gorgeous!!!I don’t have a favorite, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all equally! Great work!!!

  24. melaniejgrant says:

    Maggi, I love your small works! They have so much texture and depth….

  25. WOW! I agree the garden and sunshine can be a big distraction, but oh the creativity it can inspire when the brain is loaded with colour and oxygen 🙂

  26. These pieces are really fantastic, I love this direction you are working in. Wish I could watch the process. Glad to see a post from you, I’ve been wondering what you have been up to. Keeping busy I see. I love these pieces, keep up the good work!

  27. These are spectacular quilts, Maggi! Way to go. They remind me of my digital photo quilts, which are some of my personal faves. Really, yours are some of your best work, imho. Hugs.

  28. Janice Stevens says:

    I know what you mean! Maybe when we retire we stop being so efficient. A few extra moments to enjoy your morning coffee, a few extra moments chatting, a slower pace. Of course that’s what retirement is about isn’t it? Enjoy! Tomorrow is another glorious blank slate to fill as you will. I LOVE being retired!

  29. Janice Stevens says:

    Hi Maggi, Looking at your work may make me a digital art convert yet! Love your colours and abstractions.

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