Friday Finds

I’m very busy with Lisa Call’s Working in a Series class at the moment so I’m just stopping by to link up with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds. I spotted this in a local churchyard and it makes me feel as though it is a female form that has been created with the pruning. She waits.


Thank you all of you who commented on my previous post regarding the small quilts, I really appreciated your input. Many of you preferred the black and white one and, as I was leaning towards that one anyway, it has now gone in the mail for the SAQA Spotlight Auction. This is the piece as it is sent without any mat.


I’m enjoying the sunshine here which suddenly appeared after a very wet and unpromising start to the day. I hope that it is good for you too and that your weekend is a sunny one.

Thank you for dropping by.



  1. I did Lisa’s class this time last year, hope you’re enjoying it. i got a lot from the class but it does keep you busy.

  2. what a striking pose that tree is making/taking 😉

    I am sure your small quilt will be well received!

    Happy March

  3. Fascinating tree trunk, Maggi. Very inspiring.

  4. Good choice Maggie on the black and white. Hope it is a winner.

    that tree is wonderful. We here in Florida have seen more rain this winter then in the last 14 together. Makes the grass green and people grumpy.


  5. we started off dry, but it has started to rain Ah well, work to be done inside! Interesting pruning job for sure!

  6. We had a soggy start followed by blue skies too. :o) Hoping that it means spring is on its way.

  7. Your tree reminds me of a famous painting and I have searched for it but cannot find it. I found one similar and will send you an email with it attached. It is a portrait by John singer Sargent.

  8. I’m glad you sent your piece off. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun

  9. Yes, the tree has a beautiful feminine shape, very sensual.

  10. The tree makes me think of a leaping hare. A certain sign that Spring is definitely springing. Enjoying some warmth and sunshine here too. Good luck with your mini quilt offering. Looks pretty good to me.

I love hearing from you and, as you have made the effort to comment upon my ramblings, I will always reply to you.


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