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I had to go down to Belper yesterday and as I was on foot I decided to go to the River Gardens which is behind Belper Mill, part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage SiteI haven’t been down there for several years but I discovered that there were some great photo opportunities. Some of the peeling paint and rusting on the beams was amazing. This is just a small selection.



The river itself was not very exciting in the actual gardens but at the end of them is a weir and because the river levels are so high there were  some pretty good patterns emerging.

belper-mill_waterIn case you are wondering how the photo, bottom right came about, this relates to the title. I have been wanting to get back into printing digital art onto fabric  and so have been playing with the photos that I took yesterday. This particular one was a water image, inverted, and layered with a photo of a watercolour page done many years ago. I then used the Difference blending mode. Many hours ahead with this I think.

Because I also wanted to try out my new printer I had to put together  some other images that would be worth using ink on. All are A3 size and were printed on a silk/cotton mix fabric and are likely to be cut up and collaged into a larger piece. I haven’t made any final decisions yet. I have to say that the printer behaved perfectly so my next venture is to try it out using silk noil. I also want to try printing images onto previously dyed fabric. For two of these images I used a photo of my fabric (see below) as one of the layers. And I still have the fabric left – perfect!



And these are the printed pieces of digital art.






And now, because it is such a glorious day here, I’m going to remove myself from the computer and get out into the garden. I hope that you are having a lovely day where you are too.

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  1. Lovely rusty images.Thanks for your comment,as you say it is sometimes difficult working in isolation and encouragement is appreciated.

  2. Oh my! As if the photos from the mill weren’t enough and breathtaking…..your fabric is fantastic! Can’t wait to see more!


  3. Finally had a few minutes to catch up on my blog reading…..These photos are wonderful. I cant wait to see what you do with them…..lots of possibilities!!!

  4. Just look at all that delicious texture , great for playing with digitally, and I love the end result .

  5. Great photos and really lovely fabric prints!

  6. wonderful images & I love the mix in the art cloth coming together from all different directions.

  7. very interesting textures. I love finding things like this in the ordinary.

  8. Ooops…..meant to say ‘amazing TOO’. Definite overuse of the word, lol!

  9. I really like those rusty pics….aren’t the colours amazing!
    And your digital images are just amazing; I love them so much. Definitely onto a winner with those Maggi! 😀 x

  10. I also like rust and peeling paint – great textures. And I like your digital art, especially the piece grouped with the weir photos.

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog Maggi & for taking the time to read about the Gentlework sewing posts! I love your work & will certainly be looking in again for inspiration!

  12. So much to L♥ve and enjoy in this post Maggi!
    I am drooling over your peeling paint and rust photos and your printed fabrics are fantastic with so much depth and interest!
    You and your new printer are already getting along famously 🙂

  13. Robin McWhinney says:

    Great collection of photos, you are so talented. I really like the digital art. How lovely that you finally have some beautiful weather to enjoy. Cheers

  14. These photos are all very exciting! I’m sure some people might have thought you strange, to be snapping photos of rust and peeling paint. Likely most of your readers would have been right beside you, snapping their own. I know I would have. Glad your printer is behaving and proving its worth to you. Printing on fabric is always a scary proposition, we never know how well it will work and such a waste when it doesn’t! Yours turned out fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what you might do with these and future printings. Enjoy your garden!!

  15. I love them Maggi and I’m quite jealous. I wait to see what becomes of them and the ilk noil.

  16. isnt it wonderful to get out and about in the sun and have some fun x love it when you get pictures that did not expect xx

  17. Really great prints Maggi! The photos atop are wonderful, too!

  18. Penny Leonard says:

    Lovely images Maggi and it looks as if your new printer will be just the thing. We’ve been outside nearly all day and now have a front garden with plants!

  19. It’s been lovely here, hope you enjoyed your day in the garden. Love the printed fabric, you achieved some wonderful effects. Look forward to seeing what you do with them now

  20. Your photos are wonderful and I am so excited by your explorations with your printer. I bet your ideas are overflowing!

  21. These look wonderful, Maggie!

  22. Thelmacarol says:

    Love your prints and the fact that they are done onto A3 fabric. What printer are using – I noticed you said it is a new one and have you prepared your own fabric for printing or purchased the commercial fabric already on paper backing ?

  23. Great group of photos and your fabric prints are lovely. Looks like a thumbs up for the printer.

  24. love your rusty photos – images like that are so beautiful with all the texture and earthy colors. What you did with it on the fabric is really cool – will it become a quilted piece now?

  25. Stunning prints! I love this layering technique. Glorious sunny spring weather here too.:o)

  26. Great collection of photos and the fabric prints are fabulous. Keep going!

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