Back blogging and feeling happy

I know that I’ve been absent for a while but I have been working hard, honestly. Anyway, this post is not about what I have been doing in my absence but about several items of good news that I have received recently.

First of all I had news from SAQA this evening which read:-

Congratulations to the following artists whose trunk show pieces have been chosen to become part of the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.  Jurors for the selections were Trudi Van Dyke and B.J. Adams.

When I looked down the list, this is what I saw

Selected artist

Barbara Adams

Frieda L. Anderson

Pauline Barrett

Maggi Birchenough

Pat Bishop

Vicki Bohnhoff

Tafi Brown

Peggy Brown

Jette Clover

Maureen Cole

Vicki Conley

Daniela Dancelli

Patricia Dunbar

Pat Durbin

Tommy Fitzsimmons

Carole Frocillo

Sheila Gaquin

Bethany Garner

Cindy Grisdela

Desiree Habicht

Judith Harrison

Cindy Kuo

Cat Larrea

Tracey Lawko

Katharina Litchman

Toni Major

Sue Matyszak

Lorie McCown

Carolynn McMillan

Ginny McVickar

Denise Oyama Miller

Jan Moser

Dominie Nash

Linda Nelson-Johnson

Patricia Pease

Judy Peterson

Helena Scheffer

Lin Schiffner

Barbara Schneider

Joan Schulze

Sara Sharp

Sarah Ann Smith

Jeanne Sredl

Randy Temple

Sherrie Tootle

Laura Wasilowski

Jean Wells Keenan

Ruth A. White

Eileen Williams

Jenny Williams

Congratulations too to my blogging friend Daniela whose piece was also selected.

This is the piece that was selected


My second piece of news was also SAQA related. You may remember this piece that I sent for the Spotlight Auction which was held at the conference last week.


It sold for $75. Not anywhere near what some of them fetched but I am happy and over $10000 was raised for SAQA.

Next up is a wonderful gift that I received on Saturday from Kerstin. I had joined in her Pay It Forward offer some time ago and had almost forgotten about it so, what a great surprise when I received this gorgeous bag from her.


It is a nice large one with several pockets inside and out and I am really going to enjoy using it. My undertaking is to send a gift to three other people during the next twelve months, and they will continue on themselves. If anyone would like to receive  a gift from me, probably a hand made book, then please reply in the comments. The first three people who request to join will be the ones. You do have twelve months to fulfil the obligation after you have received the gift from me. Don’t worry if you don’t want to join in as I understand that it’s not for everyone.

And finally for this post, a new member of the family arrived on Friday afternoon. I mentioned recently that I have been volunteering for cat socialising at Ashbourne Animal Welfare Centre (The Ark) and was determined not to fall under the spell of any of the inmates because I didn’t think my resident cat would allow another cat in the house. So much for that – meet Casper


He’s an old guy, 10+, who was left behind when his owners moved house. He’s so friendly and was obviously the right cat to bring home as Jack has completely accepted him and, as you can see, he has settled in very well indeed. If any of you are relatively local there is an Open Day and Fun Dog Show at The Ark on Sunday from 11 – 4. It is free and I will be helping with refreshment from 11.30 so you know where to find me if you decide to come along..

That’s all for now. I do have a lot more to share but will leave that for another post. Have a lovely week.



  1. That is some list you are in amongst, well done! Beautiful pieces. Caspar looks great, you’ll be able to have stroking therapy a home, too 😉

  2. Frances says:

    Dont know how I missed this post, but CONGRATULATIONS on the quilts and also the new and wonderful friend!!!

  3. Suztats says:

    That is such good news, Maggi! WooHoo!
    Casper looks very comfortable and content.

  4. Better late than never…here I am!
    What a great post……so happy for you. Congratulations re: the quilt and I know how gorgeous the bag is having seen it in the flesh! 🙂
    As for that snowball….I can’t wait to cuddle him. So lovely that you found each other….. xx

  5. Wow, wow, Ooo pretty and ahhh cute! What a great good news post!

  6. congratulations Maggi! That is so exciting, and such a wonderful piece.

  7. Maggi, please forgive me… I just called you Deb……. yikes!!! so sorry.

  8. Deb, so happy for your SAQA entries… that is fabulous news. I love your work, keep it up!

  9. Congratulations on your success Maggi, it’s well deserved and you must be delighted! Casper is a very handsome gentleman and looks very much at home.

  10. Maggi, your news is terrific! I am so glad to know you, my friend. You are so talented!!!!
    I would be happy to join in the pay it forward art game. Let me know if I am one of the participants. Hugs Donna
    Ps I am going to the Ailsa Craig show next Thursday!! Photos to follow .

  11. Got choked up reading about Casper being left behind … what a lucky guy to be at home with you Maggi!
    This was a fun and newsy post with lots of congratulations in order!

  12. Excellent news all round. What a great achievement to be in the permanent collection! Love the new/old cat. He looks like he’s not going anywhere now that he’s fallen into a pot of jam there at your house. Seems like everyone I know has a new pet. Must be adoption season.

  13. Darn, I want watching your auction piece closely enough. I really liked your piece. Thank you for donating it and contributing to the success of the Spotlight auction!

  14. Brilliant, I am so pleased for the recognition of your wonderful work Maggi also that I can call you a friend, someone famous…woohoo

  15. Maggi, I saw your name on the email and was so pleased for you. It is well deserved – your piece looks fantastic.

  16. Congrats on having your quilt selected — that’s really fabulous news. Also, on having Casper join your household. He is a beauty, and I’m so glad it working out for all concerned. xo

  17. Well done, some great achievements there 🙂

  18. Fantastic that your work will be in the Quilt museum! Except that now you won’t have that piece yourself anymore but I suppose the trade off is worth it. You are in such great company too! That is quite the feather in your cap, congratulations.
    What a beautiful bag you received. She must make them professionally, it certainly looks professional. Very nice.
    Hello Casper! You are a very handsome fellow! Just be nice to Jack and you should do just fine.

  19. Well done, and well deserved Maggi – and such good company you’re in!

  20. Fantastic, congratulations!

  21. Penny Leonard says:

    So pleased for you Maggi! Your new companion looks as if he’s been there forever!

  22. Wow that’s brilliant, congratulations! 😀 And Casper looks so beautiful 🙂

  23. Congratulations Maggi – so very well deserved! And (of course…) I’m looking forward to hearing more about Casper. He really looks like the happiest cat on earth!

  24. Ciao Maggi, we are the best!. My son,says that your trunk is very nice! Congrats 😉

  25. Sally Westcott says:

    Congratulations! That is all wonderful news!

  26. Barbara says:

    many many congratulations! how special to be part of a permanent collection, not to mention the feline acquisition.

  27. congratulations xx wow! you have a permanent exhibit .. what FUN xx

  28. Congratulations! That is such great news. :o) And one very smug looking cat!!

  29. Congratulations Maggi, that’s great news. Your PIF bag is wonderful, a great gift and the new resident is adorable. He looks to have made himself right at home

  30. Maggi, you are in grand company! Congratulations! Well deserved.

  31. Congratulations Maggi! A well-deserved honor, and you are in such wonderful company! Your piece is lovely!! Your Spotlight Auction piece is also very lovely! Congrats on the bag – it is lovely! I’m so glad that Casper has been accepted so warmly into your home! I know he is appreciating the love.


  32. Congratulations, Maggi, on the recognition of your work and on your new companion.

  33. Robin McWhinney says:

    Congratulations Maggi, what a thrill. Lovely bag you have received too. I won’t join in the game though. As I said on fb Your adootrd cat is beautiful. Cheers

  34. Maggi – that is such fabulous news. Congratulations!! And Casper looks so settled. As I said on FB, not sure who did the adopting!!

  35. Congrats Maggi.

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